Learning Management System

T.A.S. Group LMS services will equip an organisation with an integrated education and training platform to manage:


Equipment operation and maintenance

Processes & procedures

Regulatory requirements

Verification of competency

LMS Features

Each course can be designed to fit a company’s specific needs but are usually composed of at least 3 sections. Firstly, a presentation (the training material) that can be developed by the T.A.S. Group or can be adapted from an existing training course already running within the business. Secondly, an assessment or activity section, which can be set up to ensure a user has acquired a satisfactory level of understanding of the topic. Finally, a certification which can delivered once the user has acquired the pre-determined level of knowledge.

The content can be a collection of slides, video and audio files to enhance the user’s experience.

T.A.S. Group LMS Services

T.A.S. Group will provide the initial set up and the maintenance of your LMS.

Set Up

Full development of a training website including graphic design and layout

User Acceptance Testing

Customisation of LMS features including Certificates, Content, Permissions

Customisation of competency assessment including multiple choice

Insertion of videos or other media you might like to include in the training


Set up new user access

Enrollment of user (new or existing) in courses

Content update when required

On-going reviews of systems to keep the website and its content safe

Certified Courses

T.A.S. Group LMS Solutions can support RTO (Registered Training Organisation) approved and certified courses. RTO certified courses guarantee the quality of the courses’ content and the recognition of the qualification within all the Australian states.