Operational Assurance


T.A.S. Group consultants have years of experience in helping organisations manage their operations safely and effectively, and developing plans to help prevent disasters and respond effectively in the case of an emergency. Training is a core aspect of any excellent operational performance and T.A.S. Group will work side by side with each team to ensure that a plan is understood, accepted and implemented.


Audits are a powerful tool in assessing the health of an organisation and can identify areas of improvement and opportunities to modify processes, actions, habits before they become an issue. Audits can address internal processes as well as supplier management. They can be related to the front-end of your business where the services are delivered or the goods produced, or the backend to enhance support services. Whatever is your need, T.A.S. Group will target its services to your company and provide measurable improvements to support your companies growth and improvement.


When implementing the plans and recommendations provided by T.A.S. Group, our consultants will assist you with all the relevant tools to execute them. As required, they can be used toward developing or maintaining your Business Management System.