Internal Audit

An internal audit should be an independent and objective function within a business to constantly evaluate if an organisation has clear objectives and is efficiently working toward achieving its goals. Internal audits are also a pillar of good governance, allowing senior leadership and relevant external stakeholders to review if the business has an appropriate level of risk and control environment. Finally, au audit can be a necessity to ensure your business is meeting its regulatory requirements.

However, not all organisations have the resources, including time and people, to perform such audits. T.A.S. Group certified auditors provide the level of expertise, professionalism and diplomacy needed for effective internal audits.

Audits can be part of the implementation or maintenance of your Management System (for more details, please refer to the T.A.S. Group Management System services) or as standalone organisational health check and can be performed in many areas.

T.A.S. Group Operational Assurance Programs:

Health & Safety 
Management System
AS/NZS 4801

Management System
ISO 9001

Management System
ISO 14001

Transportation &
Lifting Operations

Welding &

Electrical &

T.A.S.’  Group Operational Assurance Audits can also contain Action Plan developed for contractor to undertake prior to contract execution.

  • Initial & periodic assessment of supplier or contractor
  • Contract review of all aspects, performance, adherence and capability
  • Review of requirements and specifications
  • Supplier or contractor’s non-conformance review
  • Continuous improvement strategies